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District Alwar of Rajasthan - Welcome to Alwar : Tapobhumi of Malwa King Bhartihari   District Alwar of Rajasthan - Welcome to Alwar : Tapobhumi of Malwa King Bhartihari
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Administrative Setup Of Alwar District

District Collector & District Magistrate is the head of District Administration. There are three Additional District Magistrate (ADM-I, ADM-II and ADM-City).

The district Alwar has 14 sub-divisions. There are 14 Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs) working at the sub-division level.

There are 16 Tehsil head quarters in Alwar district and each one has a Tehsildar as an administrative officer who work in accordance with the Land Record System to serve for the rural farmers and land holders.

There are 14 Panchayat Samitis (blocks) and each one has a BDO (Block Devlopment Officer) to serve as the representatives of the district administration in the rural areas.

S.T.D. Code of Alwar : 0144
I.S.D. Code of Alwar : 91-144

District Collector , Alwar
Phone Office: 0144-2337565,Fax-0144-2336101,Residence:0144-2337566
Email Id: dm-alw-rj@nic.in, dm.alwar@gmail.com


ADMs adm
ADM-1  (Office-0144 2701725, Residence-0144 2344429,Mob-9530317182)
Email Id: adm1-alw-rj@nic.in, adm1.alw@gmail.com
ADM-2  (Office-0144 2347125, Residence-0144 2337237,Mob-9530317183)
Email Id: adm2-alw-rj@nic.in, adm2.alw@gmail.com
ADM CITY  (Office-0144 2345077, Residence-0144 2337166)
Email Id: admcity-alw-rj@nic.in, admcity.alw@gmail.com

SDOs adm
Alwar  (Office-0144 2347033, Residence-0144 2701291,Mob-9530317184 )
Email Id: sdo-alw-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmalw.alw@gmail.com
Rajgarh  (Office-01464 220094, Residence- 220095, Mob-9530317192)
Email Id: sdo-raj-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmraj.alw@gmail.com
Laxmangarh (Office-01492 233340,Residence-233344,Mob-9530317190)
Email Id: sdo-lax-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmlax.alw@gmail.com
Kishangarh Bas (Office-01460 242008, Residence-242012,Mob-9530317188)
Email Id: sdo-kis-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmkis.alw@gmail.com
Tijara (Office-01469 222402, Residence-262403, Mob-9530317195)
Email Id: sdo-tij-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmtij.alw@gmail.com
Thanagazi (Office-01465 224224, Residence-224171,Mob-9530317194)
Email Id: sdo-tha-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmtha.alw@gmail.com
Bansur (Office-01461 220235, Residence- 230050, Mob-9530317185)
Email Id: sdo-ban-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmban.alw@gmail.com
Kotkasim (Office-01460 235362, Residence- 235662,Mob-9530317189)
Email Id: sdo-kot-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmkot.alw@gmail.com
Kathumar (Office-01492 260066, Residence- ,Mob-9530317187)
Email Id: sdo-kat-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmkat.alw@gmail.com
Mundawar (Office-01495 220006, Residence-260576,Mob-9530317191)
Email Id: sdo-mun-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmmun.alw@gmail.com
Ramgarh (Office-01468 232004, Residence- 231025,Mob-9530317193)
Email Id: sdo-ram-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmram.alw@gmail.com
Behror (Office-01494 220023, Residence- 230045,Mob-9530317186)
Email Id: sdo-beh-alw-rj@nic.in, sdmbeh.alw@gmail.com
Neemrana (Office- , Residence-)
Email Id:
Reni (Office- , Residence-)
Email Id:

Tehsildars adm
Alwar  (Office-0144 2700473,Mob-953031796)
Email Id: tdr-alw-alw-rj@nic.in, tehalw.alw@gmail.com
Rajgarh  (Office-01464 220054,Mob-9530317204)
Email Id: tdr-raj-alw-rj@nic.in, tehrajgrah.alw@gmail.com
Laxmangarh (Office-01492 233032,Mob-9530317202)
Email Id: tdr-lax-alw-rj@nic.in, tehlgarh.alw@gmail.com
Kishangarh Bas(Office-01460 242062,Mob-9530317200)
Email Id: tdr-kis-alw-rj@nic.in, tehkis.alw@gmail.com
Tijara (Office-01469 222023,Mob-9530317207 )
Email Id: tdr-tij-alw-rj@nic.in, tehtij.alw@gmail.com
Thanagazi (Office-01465 224224,Mob-9530317206 )
Email Id: tdr-tha-alw-rj@nic.in, tehsildar.tha@gmail.com
Bansur (Office-01461 220235, Mob-9530317197 )
Email Id: tdr-ban-alw-rj@nic.in, tehban.alw@gmail.com
Kotkasim (Office-01460 235362,Mob-9530317201 )
Email Id: tdr-kot-alw-rj@nic.in, tehkot.alw@gmail.com
Kathumar (Office-01492 260066,Mob-9530317199 )
Email Id: tdr-kat-alw-rj@nic.in, tehkat.alw@gmail.com
Mundawar (Office-01495 220006,Mob-9530317203 )
Email Id: tdr-mun-alw-rj@nic.in, tehmund.alw@gmail.com
Ramgarh (Office-01468 232004, Mob-9530317205 )
Email Id: tdr-ram-alw-rj@nic.in, tehsildar.ram@gmail.com
Behror (Office-01494 220047, Mob-9530317198 )
Email Id: tdr-beh-alw-rj@nic.in, tehbeh.alw@gmail.com
Neemrana (Office- ,Mob-9530317212 )
Email Id: tehsildarneemrana@gmail.com
Reni (Office- , Mob-9530317211 )
Email Id :
Malakhera (Office-, Mob-9530317208 )
Email Id: tehmala.alw@gmail.com
Govindgarh (Office- ,Mob-9530317210)
Email Id: tdrgovd.alw.01@gmail.com

Sub Tehsils adm
Baroda Meo (Laxmangarh)
Email Id:
Narayanpur (Thanagazi) 
Email Id:
Bhanokhar (Kathumar)
Email Id:
Khairthal (Kishangarhbas)
Email Id:
Harsoli (Kotkasim)
Email Id:
Email Id:
Mandan (Behror)
Email Id:
Bahadarpur (Alwar)
Email Id:
Tapukda (Tijara)
Email Id:

BDOs adm
Umren  (Office-0144 2886203, Residence- ,Mob-9530300942 )
Email Id: bdo_umren@rediffmail.com
Rajgarh  (Office-01464 220027, Residence-,Mob-9530300862 )
Email Id: rajgarhbdo@rediffmail.com
Laxmangarh  (Office-01492 233026, Residence-,Mob-9530300816 )
Email Id: bdo_laxmangarh@rediffmail.com
Kishangarh Bas (Office-01460 242022, Residence-,Mob-9530300612 )
Email Id: bdo_kishangarh@rediffmail.com
Tijara (Office-01469 262068, Residence-,Mob-9530300783 )
Email Id: bdo_tijara@rediffmail.com
Thanagazi (Office-01465 224223, Residence-,Mob-9530300700 )
Email Id: bdo_thanagazi@rediffmail.com
Bansur (Office-01461 220222, Residence- ,Mob-9530300719)
Email Id: bdo_bansur@rediffmail.com
Kotkasim (Office-01460 235244, Residence-,Mob-9530300939 )
Email Id: kotkasim_bdo@rediffmail.com
Kathumar (Office-01492 260045, Residence-,Mob-9530300895 )
Email Id: bdo_kathoomar@rediffmail.com
Mundawar (Office-01495 260007, Residence-,Mob-9530300460 )
Email Id: bdo_mundawar@rediffmail.com
Ramgarh (Office-01468 232030, Residence-,Mob-9530300644 )
Email Id: ramgarhbdo@rediffmail.com
Behror (Office-01494 220028, Residence-,Mob-9530300497 )
Email Id: behror_alwar@rediffmail.com
Neemrana (Office- 246067, Residence-,Mob-9530300938 )
Email Id: bdo_neemrana@rediffmail.com
Reni (Office- 242022, Residence-,Mob- 9530300527)
Email Id: renibdo@rediffmail.com
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